Alex Wilson Band

Welcome to the website

Welcome to the website y’all! Take a look around and check it out. Winter time is here and it’s cold outside, but we sure hope you will come hang out with us and drain your blues away!
We’re heading for the 2014 International Blues Challenge in Memphis, Tennessee again this year on January 21st through the 25th, this time with the Crossroads Blues Society out of Rockford, Illinois. In 2011 and 2013, we went to Memphis with the Grafton Blues Association and it was 4 days and nights of blistering blues madness on Beale Street!  Both times we found ourselves among 9 bands chosen from the roughly 150 acts that participated. Family friend and blues harpist extraordinaire Mr. Jim Liban will be joining us this year again. We have such a great time down on Beale Street and we want to again thank EVERYONE for all of the overwhelming support during this event and through all the years past. We could not have made it there without you and we are grateful to be able to share our music and our lives with all of you. THANK YOU!!
Do you ever stop and take a look at the world we’re living in? What once was a dream, is now in many cases a reality. It seems crazy but the world is merely a reflection of what is going on inside of ourselves. It can be kinda ugly sometimes. However, there is still much beauty to be found in the world. It’s all around us. If we can learn to see the beauty and take the time to ease the pain with out reaction… if we can learn to make that choice between fear and love, that reflection can change. We all want to see change in the world but it can be hard to accept that we only have a little bit of time. A lot of people want to see that change but they don’t want to change themselves. Change is the only thing that has ever been for sure. The only thing we can do is try to steer. We’re always at a cross roads and more times than not, we know which way we should go. Change… real change, comes from within and it isn’t always easy. The only way to change things that are bigger than us is for us to change those things within ourselves. Then together, we can go forth. Together, we can do this. Everybody is different, but when it comes right down to it, we really couldn’t have more in common. We need to learn to not be drawn apart by the petty differences that we all have. Therein lies the beauty. We have now returned to the point where our food and water security is at risk, not to mention the countless other problems we face. This is why we must not be separated by the fringe issues and the lies that we hear when we turn on the TV. We have much bigger fish to fry. Democrat, Republican, Christians, Muslims, rich, poor, black, white, men, women, all human beings, we ALL need to stand together if we truly want to see the world become a better place. It can be. “There is no way to peace. Peace is the way.” We can get through this together without falling apart. Could music be the glue? Or maybe just the soundtrack of life? Either way, it’s not a bad idea when we’re talking about living for a change. Nothing brings people together like the power of music, the truth and a few good ideas. Come. Live. Laugh. Love. Enjoy! We play our music to fill your hearts and ease your troubled minds… so let’s jam!
There is no end to how much we appreciate your continued support, so again, thank you. Until next time, take it easy baby!;)  We hope to see you all real soon…