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Elmore Magazine

“Alex first picked up the guitar at five, made his first stage appearance in France at 12, and hasn’t looked back since. Alex’s guitar and voice sound like a crusty Delta veteran, delivering both with his distinct flair. Combined with his Jim Morrison looks, this guy’s a sure winner.”

-Lou Novacheck / Elmore Magazine

Maximum Ink

“The Alex Wilson Band is a trio of musicians with deep raw vocals and a big-band blues sound and an increasing fan following in the Midwest. Wilson currently takes the stage with Marc Wilson on the drums, Eric Wills on the bass guitar, and Alex on lead guitar and vocals. Alex Wilson’s debut album “Tell Me Why” was released on his own label Rathskeller Records in October, 2008. I had a few chances to speak with Wilson in between his busy schedule of gigs and composing. The Alex Wilson band has played all over the country and in various places around the world. They plan to book a European tour some time in the future but are currently busy with composing, reading, and have a number of shows and festivals to play this summer in the Midwest. They will be playing July 2nd, at 2:30 on the Harley-Davidson Stage at Summerfest and July 31st on the Harmony Bar/Capitol Beer Blues stage at the Atwood Summerfest in Madison.”

-Troy Johnson / Maximum Ink

Chicago Sun Times

“If you’re looking for a shotgun-shack-bred bluesman from the Mississippi Delta who plays faithful recreations of Son House and Skip James classics, Wilson’s not your guy. But he’s not as far away from that source material as you might think. It’s a tribute to Wilson’s doggedness as well as his talent that he supports himself as a full-time musician. It means hitting the road for gigs throughout the Midwest and occasionally overseas, as well as the festival circuit. He’s also a semiregular at Buddy Guy’s Legends in the South Loop. Originality is the cornerstone of the Wilson sound. His 2008 album, “Tell Me Why,” ranges from traditional Chicago blues to hard rock to Britpop sounds. Even the covers — Billy Boy Arnold’s “Rockinitis” and Magic Sam’s “Lookin’ Good” — are rare gems, not done-to-death standards.””

-Jeff Johnson /Chicago Sun Times

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